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My health had been slowly declining for years and I was noticing some serious symptoms. I went to Dr.Hammer in search of something that the traditional medical field couldn't provide for me. Dr. Hammer did genetic testing and nutrition response testing with me. We found out what the root problem was and she supplemented me with the nutrition I wasn't getting from my daily diet. She changed my life and I highly recommend her.


I was having kidney stone pain, stomach issues, acid reflux. Once I started avoiding certain foods, I began to feel better. I know I have to work ahead of me, but I feel better getting there and I owe that to HIH. My stomach pain and acid reflux has also improved.

Val C.

I feel so much healthier-my GI bloat is gone! I am noticeably stronger, learner and have more energy as well as clear skin. My friends and family notice too and I am so incredibly grateful! Every other method I tried over the last two years missed it. I'm extremely relieved and satisfied with my experience and health improvement.


Patient Stories: Testimonials
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